FJN New Website Launched

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Welcome to the new look FJN website! A place were you can apply for the latest vacancies on our team with our easy to use job application tool. As well as updates on our latest projects and a chance to meet the team.

With over 40 years experience we are able to provide professional services to the Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Renewables and Power industries ensuring a rapid response and competitive prices.

The new site provides easy options for you to get in touch with our team to talk about any of the services we offer-

- Shell & Tube heat exchangers

- Plate heat exchangers

- Pressure Vessels

- Piping Systems

- Modular Construction

As well as on site services we offer-

- Construction and installation services

- Maintenance and turnaround

We are proud to work with both the power and pharmaceutical industries as well as the food production industry.

You can contact our team at -

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